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Native American Mask, Red Wolf-©Becky Olvera Schultz

New Native American Mask

I recently completed this new Native American Mask, Red Wolf. Above are two views and with different lighting. His first public appearance was at the Great Western Show in Montana last month. It’s been a while since I completed a new Native American art mask and I’m quite satisfied with my newest work.

Red Wolf  is made of clay and painted and adorned with horse hair, bison horn and fur, antique finish hawk bells, red wool, domesticated turkey feathers, horn beads, blue and red white heart glass beads and porcupine quill medicine wheel. His hair is very long. The feathers are wrapped in red wool. He is the third piece I’ve created that includes bison horn and fur. He is handsome and expresses strength and determination. When I start a piece like this, I never know exactly what the end result will be. The only thing I was sure of while working on this mask was that he would have bison horn and fur from the powerful animal that once ruled the plains.

For me, when creating art, I let energy flow through me that guides me during the entire process; there is never a definite plan. Creating art is something I enjoy because no time exists when I work and my mind is clear of all other things. Making art is centering and calming so it was good to again create a new striking piece. It’s a wonderful thing to become one with a process that enables me to just “be” and to forget all else. Hours can pass and it all seems to have been just a moment. Creating and completing this Native American Mask brought me great satisfaction, especially since I hadn’t created a large one like this for some time. I hope this new work may inspire a reaction in anyone taking the time to view this latest work, whether it is positive or negative; art has succeeded if it inspires a reaction from the viewer in some way.