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About the Art

About the Art-©Becky Olvera Schultz

The Native American inspired art masks of Becky Olvera Schultz have been described as “intense,” “awesome,” “powerful,” “cutting edge,” “beautiful,” “spiritual,” “dramatic” and even “intimidating.”

Becky Olvera Schultz specializes in unique clay and mixed media art masks inspired by the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Her life-life native themed pieces are formed from clay, fired, painted, then adorned with horse hair, natural domestic bird feathers, bison fur or horn. Earrings and hair adornments are added that she makes from beads of turquoise, bone, shell, brass, glass or copper. All her masks are life size or larger but she also makes minature ones that are mounted in frames. She also creates a more classic style of mask that does not have hair, fur or other adornments. Southwestern style masks, which are whimsical and highly colorful, are also made by Becky from gourds or clay. She has also created masks from cast paper which are completed in much the same way as the clay masks.

Even when producing open editions, no two art pieces are ever exactly alike. Each piece is individually detailed and hand painted. All her masks are her original work and hand formed, not made from castings taken off someone’s face.

Her art creations also include rawhide shields, native style dolls, serigraphs (hand pulled screen prints), clay plaques,  photography and graphics–she often combines mediums to create new and interesting mixed media works.

Becky also offers design services for business cards, postcards, flyers and brochures. With a background in publishing and non-profit organizations, she has extensive experience in advertising, writing, publicity and obtaining sponsors and in kind donations for 501 C3 groups. Becky welcomes inquiries for her professional design or marketing services.

Currently Becky’s latest project has been photographing Native American powwow dancers and other indigenous individuals for her photo and serigraph Contemporary Indigenous Portrait Series. Her dramatic art images are also available on mouse pads, t-shirts, note cards, puzzle tins and photo prints which are available through your Native-Art-Gift-Shop.Com. Also available on her gift shop are Native Pride caps, bead work, Native flags and several other items.

Becky welcomes commission work and dealer inquiries. Call or email to request additional information regarding any of her art pieces or services.

“I have directed my consuming interest in the native peoples of the Americas into my own personal art expression. I derive immense satisfaction from putting life into the materials I work with. My art is an extension of my spirit, a piece of my personal vision and a constant source of comfort and healing for me.”

Coyote Wind Rawhide Shield-©Becky Olvera Schultz “Coyote Wind…Howling electric words to the four directions. Quick and cunning…brother Lizard along for the wild ride.” ©1995 Becky Olvera Schultz

Hand Symbols-Becky Olvera Schultz